Boy's bedroom, toy storage, cosy sleeping corner.

A Boy’s Bedroom – A Place to Stay and Play

I have failed!  A few weeks ago I showed you how I turned one of Timothy’s t-shirts into a piece of artwork for his up and coming pre-preteen bedroom.

T-Shirt Wall Art

The t-shirt artwork was a great success but creating a pre-preteen bedroom was a failure.  The problem is, we are very emotionally attached to most of his childhood things and are just not ready to pack them away.  Who can blame us?  They are linked to so many lovely memories…

Jellycat, repurposed Amazon box, cardboard car.
Timothy first car!  Riding along are Gordon, Jerimiah Oxley, Colin and Fred.

While Timothy was little, this room was our guest bedroom because we were worried he might topple down the stairs if he visited us in the middle of the night.  You see, this room is at the back of the house and you have to go past the main stairs to get to our bedroom at the front of the house.  When Timothy got a little older and we felt it was safe enough, we made the swap.

Guest bedroom.

There is a sloping ceiling in this room, so I wanted the walls and the ceiling to be painted the same colour.  With our old walls I didn’t think we’d ever get a really good line between the walls and ceiling and the slope meant I couldn’t put coving up, so painting them the same meant I didn’t have to worry about this.  I did want to create some atmosphere though so I decided to paint in a cosy corner.  I used Valspar’s Empirical Grey, which is the same colour I used in the snug and lounge.  I took the paint up the wall and across the ceiling, all at different angles.

Creating a cosy corner.

Creating a cosy corner.

After I finished painting, I put up some shelving using some discreet brackets.  I painted the shelves the same colour as the wall so the shelves themselves aren’t a feature, rather the cute little things that sit on them.

Toy shelf, toy storage.

Cosy sleeping corner, boys bedroom.

The light shade on the ceiling is interesting.  It is made from a very fine layer of wood, which has a branch pattern on the inside.  When we turn the light on, the pattern becomes much more vivid on the outside.

Wooden Lampshade

Timothy was always telling me he needed more room for his creations.  When we first moved in to our house, we had a rotting shed at the bottom of the garden.  Inside it was a 1970’s office shelving unit.  The bottom plinth of the unit was rotten, due to water damage, but I was able to remove that part and use the top part.  I attached some wheels to the bottom, painted the cubby holes and then Timothy began to fill it will all his books, toys and Lego creations.

Toy storage cupboard.

I made the most of a little space behind the door by attaching a coat rail to the wall.  Timothy likes to display his Lego creations but I also like to have some of his pictures up on the wall.  When he was younger, Timothy was so ‘free spirited’ when he was painting or drawing.

I loved watching him as he went about his merry creative way, but when he got a little older he seemed to loose his confidence.  He had a very artistic teacher last year.  She encouraged him, which resulted in some great artwork and I’ve framed a few of his pieces.  I am one proud mama!

Children's coat rail. Displaying children's artwork.
Timothy’s picture of ‘The Lonely Beast.’
Children's bedroom, children's artwork, children's storage.
Timothy’s pirate portrait.

There is no greater recipient of my homespun treasures than Timothy.  When he was a baby I made him an appliqued height chart, a tooth fairy cushion and a patchwork quilt to keep him warm during the winter nights.

Applique height chart.
Timothy’s height chart…another number to be added soon.
Tooth fairy pillow.
A star pillow to store teeth for the tooth fairy.
Hand quilted patchwork, patchwork blanket.
A patchwork quilt…which took many, many hours to hand quilt.

Timothy isn’t a fussy customer.  He isn’t bothered that I didn’t meet the criteria of the design brief – to create a pre-preteen bedroom.  He is happy as long as he has a cosy place to cuddle his furry friends, and floor space to build Lego and shelf space to store Lego!  It will be a sad, sad day when he really does want to have an older boy’s bedroom 🙁

Toy storage, children's bedroom, boy's bedroom.

Cosy corner, cosy bedroom corner.

Boy's bedroom, toy storage, cosy sleeping corner.



  1. I love it Claire. I discovered your creativity a few days back on Pinterest. We have always lived in older houses but now live in something built around 1930 that does not have the typical charm associated with this period of build, so struggling a bit to figure out the best way forward. Do you offer any sort of interiors service? Many thanks, Jane

  2. The room looks brilliant and absolutely love the twist with the feature paint in the corner, it is a really clever effect. I also adore how Timothy’s artwork has been framed and is a key feature … to quote Picasso “I wish I could draw as well as a child” … that video is AMAZING… brought tears to my eyes X

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