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This week we are holidaying in Carbis Bay, Cornwall.  Keith and I came to Cornwall for our very first holiday together sixteen years ago and this is our first return trip.  We have picked an amazing spot!  There is a gate at the bottom of the garden giving us access to the coastal path – just a hop, skip and a jump and we’re on the beach.

Vintage Poster

Everything is not always rosy though…today the weather was terrible, with constant rain and strong winds.

Carbis Bay, Cornwall
A rainy day in Carbis Bay, Cornwall

We have been busy watching films and playing games but I needed to do something active, so I decided to clean up and take some pictures of our lovely holiday house.  We have the first floor apartment in an old Victorian house and they have done such a good job with the décor.  I would describe it as ‘tastefully seaside’ and it feels very welcoming.

I have a confession to make, I’ve been a little cheeky and moved some of the decorative objects around a little 😉



They have a striped carpet runner up the stairs.  I have had trouble getting the pictures to show how pretty this is.  The pictures make the carpet look quite beige/brown, which it isn’t.  It goes perfectly with all the colours used in the living room.  The living room is bright and fresh but all we can focus on is what’s out the window – the amazing view of the seaside!

The View

Carpet Runner
The striped carpet runner.

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

In our bedroom they have chosen a few items that match the different blues and greens that can be seen in the ocean waters.  All the soft furnishings have been so well made, something I really notice and appreciate.

Master Bedroom

In Timothy’s room, which is a twin room, they have gone for a traditional sailor’s colour palette of red, white and blue.  Once again, they have just chosen a few accents so nothing feels too staged, instead rather homey and I just love the block printed fish curtain fabric.  I think Keith and I are going to have to buy a seaside shack of our own just so I can use some of this gorgeous fabric.

Twin Room

Block Printed Fish Fabric

Twin Bedroom

I don’t know about you, but I am always peeking in through people’s windows.  Not to spy on the occupants, rather their décor and it is nice spending a little time living in something I would normally just be sneaking and peeking at through a window.  Finally, the skies are starting to clear.  I am looking forward to getting out and about tomorrow but it has been fun interpreting someone else’s decorative vision.

Carbis Bay, Cornwall


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