Claire - Author of Edna & Ossie



I’m Claire.  I love to create a beautiful, crafty and cherished home where we all want to hide away!  For me, this is a never ending all-encompassing joy.  Although some may, and have called it, an obsession.  My current home is a typical London terrace house, where I live with my husband, son and cockapoo.  My design ideas potter about in my mind, waiting for stolen moments when I can work on getting them to fruition.  I have honed many a skill – plastering, painting, tiling, soft furnishing and stained glass – all of which give me an enormous sense of personal affiliation with turning this old house into our new home.  Everything in our house has a story and I have always loved telling stories – so now I blog!

Our Little London Fixer Upper


I was born in Griffith, NSW Australia and this is where I came across my first love – giant peaches!  My mum had planted a variety of fruit trees in our garden and they thrived and flourished, giving us nectarines, plums, apricots and giant peaches.  They were so delicious!  When I was pregnant I couldn’t stop eating peaches and now my son, Timothy, has the taste for them too.  Throughout my life I have only lived in a couple of houses that had gardens where I could grow and pick some of my own fruit and vegetables, and for me it is one of life’s greatest pleasures!