Edna & Ossie

Boundary Rd

Recently I have been working my way through a bit of a career change.  When reading ‘The Magnolia Story’ by Chip and Joanna Gaines, who are the presenters of The Fixer Upper, Joanna described a period where she felt a little lost about the direction of her career.  She wrote that our childhood often holds clues to what we should pursue as adults. This notion has really stuck in my mind…

Growing up, we lived a five hour drive from our grandparents in Dubbo, Australia.  Despite this long drive, we visited their home on Boundary Road quite frequently.  My grandparents, Edna and Ossie, had such a welcoming home and little details about these visits have imprinted on my memory.  There was a mix-master busy whipping up cakes, a back screen door that slammed shut, chickens in the coop, the song of so many birds and gardens snaking in and out along the fences, creating interesting places to explore and hide.

My grandparents were content to spend time tending to their house and homely hobbies and I can clearly recognise the influence the time spent there has had on my own home and lifestyle.  Creating a beautiful, crafty and cherished home has been important to me for a very long time and I am desperate to share my experiences!


  1. Wow you have really surprised me Claire, always knew you were a smart cookie but love this especially the old photos. Chris 😘

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