Handmade woollen felted Christmas wreath.

Deck the Halls

Well December is already upon us!  The house is tidy and the twinkling lights are adding a warm soft glow to the evening.  As with everything else in my house, there is a homespun element attached to the items I use to decorate the house at Christmas time.  I’m definitely not opposed to buying decorations but I love the individuality that mixing bought and handmade decorations brings to my home.  Welcome to my festive home!

Handmade felted woollen wreath, Christmas wreath.

Inspired by mistletoe, I made this wreath by crocheting and felting the mistletoe berries.  To make the greenery, I made tassels using green wool and felted them too.  When the tassel had been felted I pulled the strands apart and positioned them around the berries.  The wreath was topped off with a red bow made from a felted old woollen jumper and a lovely ceramic decoration my sister gave me.

Handmade felted woollen wreath, Christmas wreath.

Advent begins on the 1st of December and we have a little family tradition.  A few years ago I made an assortment of advent bags and stencilled the numbers on the front.  We share this as a family.  Usually we take it in turns and inside are treats that are usually aimed at spending time together.  Each year we read a Christmas story, so a book is always given on one day.  Other days include kits so we can all make cards, sew decorations, string gardlands etc.  Baking is also included with cookie cutters for biscuits, Christmas cupcake holders for cupcakes…I imagine there will come a time when I will run out of ideas but it hasn’t happened yet 😉

Handmade advent bags, Christmas mantle,

Up above our advent garland, is the handmade wreath I made using the springs from my grandmother’s sofa.  It gets a little ‘tweak’ for each season and holiday.  For Christmas I have just added sprigs of silver leaves and berries.

Handmade Christmas Wreath

This mantle shelf is our designated spot for Christmas cards we receive.

Handmade advent bags, Christmas mantle, handmade Christmas wreath.

You’ve already got a sneak peak at the mantle in our guest bedroom, which has the quilted stocking I made for my sister but there are a few other handmade treasures.  A simple holly garland hangs with white stars I made using Fimo clay – baked and then coated with glitter and PVA glue.  The star on the mantle was made from a left over scrap of my favourite Liberty velvet fabric.  The Christmas bell is a cross stitch.  I bought the pattern from Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks and got busy stitching.

Christmas mantle, Christmas cross stitch, Christmas garland.

My favourite mantle in our house this year is the one in our snug.  It is my winter wonderland candle extravaganza mantle.  It is just a collection of candles, trees and angels that I’ve collected over the years.  I bought some reindeer wooden shapes from Artcuts and added a little shimmer by stippling on a pearlescent textured paint.  The final touch was ivy from the garden.  Boy, does it shimmer and shine bright!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Mantle

Winter Wonderland Christmas Mantle

Winter Wonderland Christmas Mantle

For some, the mantle in our lounge room is the most important, because it is the one Santa Claus comes down 🙂  It’s decorated with three little lemon cypress trees in some aged terracotta pots.  These little gems were the bargain of the year! The three pots came from Homebase and they were £1.50 each and the three little trees came from B&Q at a bargain price of 3 trees for £5.  I made the stars hanging with the stocking out of some old velvet trousers, silver thread and silver beads.

Christmas Mantle

Sometimes I have to take my hat off to other designer makers.  Knowing how much I love Christmas, Keith bought me these two beautiful holly angels for my birthday and they are exquisite!  They are made by Halinka, a lady living in Brighton.  First she creates the basic shape using wire and yarn, then she dresses and bejewels them.  They have such character…

Timothy’s room is not without a sprinkling of festive decoration too.  Not so much a sprinkling, more an avalanche!  He has a little fireplace in his room.  It doesn’t have a fire surround or mantle but that doesn’t stop us.  He has a garland of holly lights and they are intertwined with a reindeer garland I made for him from felt and appliqued fabrics.

Handmade reindeer garland.

Hanging down from his lights and garland are some crafty creations from last year’s advent calendar.

Christmas decoration craft kit.

Hanging down from his lights and garland, below the creations from last year’s advent calendar, sits his Santa sack.  I tell him every year that I made this for him when he was in my tummy.

Handmade Santa sack, appliqued santa sack.

And all together, they all make a simple festive scene…

Christmas fireplace, handmade reindeer garland, handmade santa sack.

It’s no great secret that I love to make and Christmas brings so many opportunities for this…DEFINITELY my favourite time of year!!!



  1. I love your winter wonderland candle extravaganza mantle (and its name)! I also love your beautiful holly angels (and think Keith is very sweet discovering them and knowing you would cherish them. Merry Christmas xx
    I wish I could click my fingers and be there, and experience the magic of your Christmas xx

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