Gluten free apple and hazelnut muffins.

Let’s Bake Gluten Free – Apple & Hazelnut Muffins

In Loving Memory of Edna

30.08.1922 – 11.08.2017


My grandmother, Edna, passed away on Friday.  She was almost 95 years old and her body became very weary.  Although we can all be relieved that she is no longer in discomfort and pain, it is still so sad.  I wrote about my memories of holidays spent in Dubbo visiting my grandparents in my blog, Boundary Rd, but since moving to England my visits were no longer very frequent.  When I was a young child I had often written letters to Nanny and after moving to England letters became our regular thing.  Nanny and I became pen pals – writing frequent ‘newsy’ letters to one another throughout the years.  It was a lovely surprise to find out that she had kept the letters…

Letter to Edna
A letter I wrote to Edna when I was around 8 or 9 years old.

Being around friends and family was always important to Nanny.  Aside from a warm welcome, visitors were always greeted with tasty home baked treats.  When I stayed with her during my school holidays, we often baked.  I still remember how her kitchen ‘worked’ – where the bowls were kept, which cupboard had the flour and what I needed to do with the egg shells.  So this week, I wanted to bake and reminisce a little more…

Our apple tree is weighed down heavily with apples, and the first ones were ready for picking, so one of my apple recipes was a must.  I urge you to try this recipe – the slice of apple and the drizzle of warm apricot jam add some zing, which is just so delicious!

Home grown apples.

Gluten free apple and hazelnut muffins.Gluten free apple and hazelnut muffins.






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