Gluten free chocolate, orange and cranberry cookie recipe.

Let’s Bake Gluten Free – Chocolate, Orange and Cranberry Cookies

One of my favourite days in the lead up to Christmas is my designated gift wrapping day.  The boys are out and about and I have the house to myself.  Christmas carols are playing and I dig out all my gift wrapping supplies and get busy wrapping.  Sometimes it involves coffee and Christmas cake…sometimes mulled wine and mince pies but this year I baked some tasty Christmassy cookies – gluten free of course!

Gluten free chocolate, orange and cranberry cookies.

I want to share my recipe with you, but first a little more on the gift wrapping.  Just like baking, I also think there are ‘ingredients’ to wrapping – paper, tag, ribbon and decoration.  The first three are quite self explanatory and the decoration is just something festive added to the parcel to make it look pretty while it’s under the tree waiting to be opened.  Some of these decorations are store bought and some handmade – either way the cost is minimal but the thought is there.

This year, Poundland have a hanging garland in store.  I bought a few of these and removed the twine so I can use the stars individually.  I threaded a star onto the ribbon and teamed it with the other accoutrements to make a pretty present.

Poundland Decoration

Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

Sometimes it’s just a simple bell…

Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

Other times a handmade decoration…

Handmade Christmas pixie, felt decoration.

Anyway, back to baking.  Here’s the recipe I was talking about.

Gluten free chocolate, orange and cranberry cookies.

Gluten free chocolate, orange and cranberry cookie recipe.

Hope you give it a go and as a self confessed raw mix eater – this one is the best!!!  I ate a little too much of it though and had a few regrets.  I found this picture of Timothy from early last year and basically it sums up how I felt after eating too much raw dough 😉

Licking the bowl.

Once the gifts have been wrapped and a refreshment or two has been had, the gifts are ready to go under the tree.  It is extra exciting this year because we have our first real tree!

Christmas Tree


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