Cornish Cream Tea Scones - Gluten FreeCornish Cream Tea Scones - Gluten Free

Let’s Bake Gluten Free – Cornish Cream Tea Scones

We are back from our holiday to Cornwall and are very well rested.  While wandering around I was really struck by the amount of local produce available…even the big supermarket chains seemed to carry an enormous range of local goodies.  And then there were the gorgeous independent shops!

Cornish Bakery
St Ives Bakery, I Fore Street, St Ives, TR26 1HE, England
Cornish Deli
The Allotment Deli, 30A Fore St, St Ives, TR26 1HE, England

Cornwall, and Devon too, are known for a gastronomical experience called Cornish Cream Tea or in Devon, Devonshire Cream Tea.  It is a simple tradition involving a nice cup of tea with a scone, jam and cream.  Which county had this tradition first is a topic of heated debate between the Cornish and the Devonians but there is an ever so slight difference between the way the two counties execute this ritual.  A Devonian will slice the scone and put the cream on first, followed by the jam.  The Cornish do the opposite, and put the jam on first and the cream on the top.

The foundations of this recipe have come from my lovely friend Mandy, whose scones are amazing!  I love my gluten free food to taste like the wheat/gluten versions and because the flours don’t taste the same or behave the same I have to play around with recipes until I get things just so.  A little bit further on, is my tried and tested recipe for gluten free scones.

These are tasty and tasty for all, not just the gluten intolerant!  But there are some serious things to consider…will you put jam or cream first?  Will you eat each half separately, smothered with jam and cream, or sandwich the top back on?  The choice is yours…

I’ve gone for Cornish and sandwiched!

Cornish Cream Tea

Cream Tea Scone Recipe

Cream Tea Scone Recipe

Rolled Mixture
Figure 1
Figure 2

After the baking and all the decision making, all that is left to do is eat and enjoy!



  1. I have lovely memories of visiting Nanny in Dubbo. She always would have freshly baked scones wrapped in a vintage tea towel ready for our arrival. There would be jam and thickened cream to slather on top. I remember Nanny’s silver tea pot which had a lovely tall elegant shape, pouring out our steaming hot tea. Simpler times!
    This was such a treat, such a simple gesture of welcome and love that has stayed with me for all these years. I cannot have a scone and not remember these times:) You have inspired me today Claire, I will make scones today and enjoy them with my family.

    1. Hi Jonette, I remember that tea pot too! I hope everyone enjoyed the scones although, because of your memories, I suspect no one more than you 😉 Claire xo

    1. Ha! I thought of you when I was making these – always having a cream tea on your list of things to do when visiting England. Claire xx

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