Pom Pom Cushion Cover

Pom Pom Cushion – A Make Your Own Tutorial

For the past two weeks my mum has been visiting from Australia, where she lives in a sub-tropical bubble of warmth and let’s just say it has been a little on the chilly side while she has been visiting us in England.   Last weekend we went on a jolly jaunt and ended up at the seaside in Southwold, Suffolk.  I thought she should experience the English seaside!  It was wild and windy but on a positive note there were cute little beach huts to be seen and amazing fish and chips to be eaten from a cute little beach shack.

The English Seaside

Fish and Chip Shop
Sole Bay Fish Company
Fish and Chip Shop
Look at the detail in light!

Fish and Chip Shop

While waiting for Keith outside the fish and chip shop, Mum and I wandered into a teeny tiny second hand shop.  From the doorway…through throngs of people…on the bottom shelf…underneath a pile of net curtains…I found some vintage Sanderson curtains.  I thought the fabric would be perfect for providing an infusion of colour and a soft touch to our guest bedroom.  The fabric is a typical Sanderson floral fabric and what I liked about it was the dark background, which is a little more unusual for this style of fabric.

Pagentry by Aurthur Sanderson and Sons

I am not quite finished decorating our guest bedroom – it has all the essentials but it still needs all the interesting details before I can declare it finished.  The room is in desperate need of a cushion or two.  Although I wanted the cushions to have a vintage look, I also wanted them to have a quirky edge so for this one I decided to add a pom pom edge.

Cushion Mood Board

This cushion is extremely simple to make and only takes a couple of hours.  A fantastic way to spend the afternoon – creating your own homespun cushion and the pom poms make it so cheery!  Below are all the instructions you will need to make a cheery little cushion for yourself!

You will need…

Cushion pad


Pom pom trim


Step 1 – Measure the Pillow

  • Measure the height and width of the pillow.  Do this by measuring from one side seam, across the dome, to the seam on the other side.

Step 2 – Calculate the Sizes of the Sections

  • Front Section = (Height measurement)+(3cm seam allowance) x (Width measurement)+(3cm seam allowance)
  • Back Section = (Height measurement)+(3cm seam allowance) x (Width measurement)+(3cm seam allowance)
  • Pom pom trim = (Distance around pillow)+(10cm allowance for joining)

Step 3 – Mark and Cut Fabric

  • Using a fabric marker, mark out your pattern pieces.
  • Mark the top left hand corner of all your pieces to ensure you put your cushion together with the fabric pieces all going the same way.  Even some plain fabrics look different in the light when you turn them upside down.
  • Cut your pieces.
Cut and Mark Fabric
I have put FT for front top and BT for bottom top.

Step 4 – Finish Off Bottom Edge

  • Finish off the edge of each piece by either doing a zig zag stitch or overlocking.
  • You only need to do this along the bottom edge.Finish Off Bottom Edge

Step 5 – Attach Pom Poms to Fabric

  • Lay pom poms along the edge of your front section.  Ensure the pom poms are laying in towards the centre of the cushion.
  • Overlap the pom pom trim by approximately one centimetre where the two ends meet.  If there are two pom poms on top of one another at this point, you can just snip off one pom pom – be careful not to cut into the tape though.

Pin Pom Poms

Overlap Trim/Tape

  • To turn the corner around the cushion, just fold the tape so it forms a little mitred corner.

Mitred Corner

  • Turn your needle position to the left hand side and attach your zipper foot.  Sew the pom pom tape to the front of your cushion.
  • Beginning a little way down from your join.  Work your way around the entire cushion, past where the tape overlaps, back to your starting point.
Starting Position
The purple pins show where the ends overlap. Start sewing at the green pin. Continue sewing around the entire cushion, coming back to sew the join just before reaching your starting point.
Attach Pom Poms
Attach with a left hand needle position and your zipper foot.

Step 6 – Attach Front and Back Sections

  • Lay your front section with the pom poms on top of the back section ensuring the right sides are together.
  • Starting stitching along the bottom edge of your cushion 10cm in from the left hand edge.  Turn and work your way around the remaining three sides.  Then turn and stitch 10cm along the other side of your bottom edge.  This will leave a sufficient gap for you to insert your cushion pad.
  • As you sew make sure the pom poms stay turned in and you are matching up the edges of the front and back sections.
  • As you sew, ensure you are sewing ever so slightly to the left hand side of your first line of stitching (from when you attached the pom poms).

Start Position

Attaching Front and Back Sections
Stitch to the left of your first line of stitching.

Step 7 – Finish Off Remaining Edges

  • Usually I would say to trim your edges and cut across your corners but I choose not to do this when I am using a pom pom trim.  I don’t like the idea of cutting into the tape of the trim because if the cushion gets ruined and I want to reuse the pom pom trim for another project, usually I can’t if I have cut into the tape.  It is entirely up to you though…
  • Change back to your normal sewing machine foot and zig zag along the edges of your seam.
  • DO NOT do this along the bottom of your cushion, where the opening is for your cushion pad.

Step 8 – Insert Cushion Pad and Close Opening

  • Once you have inserted your cushion pad, turn in the hem of the back section and pin it to the front section, closing the opening in the cushion.
  • Using a slip stitch, also known as a blind stitch, close your cushion up.

Turn in Hem

Pin the Opening Closed

I am tempted to show you how this cushion cover ties in with the rest of our guest bedroom…but I won’t…so for now I’ve just carted it all over the house to give you a few close up shots so you can see the pom poms in all their glory.

Pom Pom Cushion

Pom Pom Cushion

Pom Pom Cushion

Pom Pom Cushion Cover

Pom Pom Cushion Cover

Pom Pom Cushion Cover

I had quite a lot of fun, and a little bit of a challenge, trying to make a cushion look interesting and beautiful.  I would say this was much harder and more time consuming than sewing the actual cushion cover!



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