Autumn wreath, Fall wreath, Christmas wreath, repurposed old sofa spring, wreath over fire place.

This Old Thing – No.2

A few weeks ago we had a much anticipated delivery – my grandmother’s Art Deco three piece lounge suite.  When I was little, we spent many holidays and special occasions at my grandparent’s house.  It was a busy little house – full of visiting aunts, uncles and cousins.  There are so many photos of us all piled on and around the sofa for the obligatory family photo, so much so you can barely see the lounge at all.

Last reupholstered in the early 1970’s, the suite is in need of reupholstering again and we have set the wheels in motion for this to be done.  Underneath the fabric and wadding were the original springs and I couldn’t stop looking at them as the sofa was being unravelled one layer at a time.  I liked their colour, size and industrial quality.  I wanted to hang on to them because I wanted to come up with something to do with them but just needed a little time to think.  In the end, I decided to have a go at arranging them to form a wreath which could be hung above the fire place in the dining room. I like the idea of having a wreath up all year round and changing the decorations to celebrate the different holidays and seasons.

First, I flattened one end of the spring which took a lot of brute force because these old springs still had a lot of fight left in them.  Then I interlocked the other ends of the springs to form a circle in the middle.  To begin with I held them in place with some twine while I played around with the number of springs until it looked like it was the right size for the space.  Once the size was right, I replace the twine with floristry wire.

Upcycled Sofa Spring

Old sofa springs, industrial style, wreath.

Floristry Wire

Next came some greenery!  Now I would love to fill this with real greenery but that just isn’t practical for a wreath that is going to be used all year round.  I went to a local garden centre and bought up all their stock of faux Eucalyptus gunnii branches.  I also couldn’t resist buying the real thing in the form of a tree – I wonder how many trees a bijou English garden can have?  Anyway, back to the wreath…I cut up the faux branches and entwined them in the springs.


After the greenery I added some seed pods for seasonal decoration.  I just love the pink pumpkin styled pods!

Seasonal decorations for wreath.

I decided to have the little pink pumpkins all over the wreath. So I cut 5cm lengths of floristry wire,  pierced one end into the middle until it was secure and then turned and trimmed the other end to form a hook to enable me to hang them.

Seasonal decoration for wreath

Autumn wreath, Fall wreath, Christmas wreath.

For the decorations with a stem, I wrapped the floristry wire around the base of the pod a few times before twisting and folding the ends to make a hook.

Autumn wreath, Fall wreath, Christmas wreath.

Autumn wreath, Fall wreath, Christmas wreath

Autumn wreath, Fall wreath, Christmas wreath, sofa springs.

After doing all this I stood back and thought it needed a little more greenery in between the springs.  Wanting a leaf with a little contrast, I used greenery with a variegated leaf.  Now it is finished!  For now anyway – the idea is to have it up all year round with bats and spider’s web adorning it for Halloween, red robins for Christmas, yada yada yada…

Autumn wreath, Fall wreath, Christmas wreath, old sofa spring

Autumn wreath, Fall wreath, Christmas wreath, old sofa spring, wreath over fire place.

Autumn wreath, Fall wreath, Christmas wreath, old sofa spring, wreath over fire place.



    1. Hi Gaynor, glad you like it…I was surprised by how well it turned out. It was a bit of a punt! Hello to Melbourne – such a great place. Cheerio Claire

    1. Thanks Susan 🙂 I have more springs so I might need to keep thinking and come up with something else as well. Something to think about…Cheerio Claire

  1. Every time you look at this it will remind you of the lounge. Nanny would have really loved this:) You have such beautiful style and great ideas.

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