T-shirt wall art.

This Old Thing – No.1

I have a confession, I hoard fabric!  There are two very good reasons why I don’t worry about this though.  Firstly, I don’t know any ‘crafty’ person who doesn’t hoard fabric and secondly, I create and sew constantly so my stash of fabric never gets out of hand because I am always dipping in to it.  One surprising source of fabric I use comes from clothes we no longer wear.  The two favourite things I’ve made from old clothes are a heart brooch I made using old denim jeans and a clutch purse I made using an old jumper.

Denim heart booch.
A heart brooch made from denim jeans, shimmering fabric paint, thread and beads.
Felted clutch purse.
A clutch purse made from an old jumper I felted in my washing machine.

Last year Timothy had the cutest little t-shirt.  It had an appliqued face of a dog on the front and this dog had bags of character.  I had enormous appreciation of the people who would have put this together in the clothing factories.  The design had a lot of layers and decorative stitching – it would have taken me days to do this.

Recycling a t-shirt to create wall art.

Recently Timothy has been busy growing, so sadly he can’t wear this cute little t-shirt anymore.  His personality is busy maturing as well.  Because of this, I am in the process of tweaking the décor in his bedroom (less little boy and more pre-preteen) and I thought this characterful dog would be perfect as some wall art.  Using Bondaweb I attached the dog’s face to a piece of linen and then I stretched it around some foam board.

Framing a T-Shirt

Framing a T-Shirt

Framing a T-Shirt

Then I popped it into a frame and voila – it is ready to hang!  I am not quite finished ‘tweaking’ Timothy’s bedroom but it won’t be long now…then I can share it with you all.

T-Shirt Wall Art



    1. Hi Shelley, it’s a very cost effective way of getting some artwork on the walls…I had all the materials and frame hanging around the house so aside from my time it didn’t cost anything. Screen printed tea towels are great for putting on the wall too! Cheerio Claire

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